Advancing Surgical Care into the 21st Century 

We developed the Suture Slicer to improve surgery’s scissors shortcomings. Today, nearly all of the sutures sewn are cut with scissors. With 373 million surgeries performed globally each year, and 40-50 million surgeries in the United States per year, a better method is emerging. 

Suture Slicer features and advantages: 

  • Push-pen guillotine design used to trap and slice sutures in a safe, easy and effective manner 
  • Single use – for one surgery: 100+ slices using 3-0 braided PGA suture
  • Lightweight structure with a metal blade

Management Team

Todd Schwartz, DO, FAOAO

Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in hip and knee replacements

PA Orthopedic Associates - Partner and active operational manager with successful liquidity events

Former co-owner of Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) with a successful exit

Medical Director, MUVE outpatient surgical center

Fred Smith, CEO

Management Team

Fred Smith, CEO

Founder and Former CEO of BandGrip, a medical device company

Founder and CEO of NASDAQ: LEAP, a digital ad agency, where he raised $40m via IPO

Founder and CEO of IdeaCast, where he raised $30m for a national cable provider that licensed ESPN, CNN, CNBC to health clubs