• Suture Slicer Design

    Suture Slicer DESIGN

    Features a lightweight structure and a push-pen guillotine design used to trap and slice sutures in a safe, easy and effective manner.

  • Suture Slicer Difference

    Suture Slicer DIFFERENCE

    Today, nearly all of the sutures sewn are cut with scissors. With 373 million surgeries performed globally each year, a better method is emerging.

  • Suture Slicer Innovation

    Suture Slicer INNOVATION

    Encourages quick, safe and effective surgeries and closures; a benefit that may be appreciated by hospitals, surgical centers, and office-based procedural facilities.

Todd Schwartz, DO, FAOAO

Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in hip and knee replacements

PA Orthopedic Associates - Partner and active operational manager with successful liquidity events

Former co-owner of Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) with a successful exit

Medical Director, MUVE outpatient surgical center

How does the Suture Slicer work?